Creative Hub
Of Radical Architecture

Chora is a multidisciplinary studio based in Athens.
It was founded in January 2019.
Chora is an open project that integrates research, architecture, urbanism, interior and industrial design.
Chora in ancient Greek was the territory of the Ancient Greek polis outside the city proper.
Chora according to Plato is neither being nor nonbeing but an interval between which the "forms" were originally held.
Chora - Creative hub of radical architecture - represents the expansion over the limits of the existing territory, it is the renegotiation of the human condition in inhabiting the space.

Stefania Orfanidou was born in Kavala, Greece, in 1989.
She graduated from the faculty of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece (MSc Degree)
and from the architectural postgraduate program Architectural Design: INSTEAD (Parapoesis) of the University of Thessaly (GR).
She has worked on the fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape design and photography in Rotterdam (NL), L’Aquila (IT) and Athens (GR).


Blind Studio (Graphic Design)
Giorgos Varoutas - BSE (Building Services Engineering)
Gregory Petropoulos (Architect)
Ioannis Tzortzis (Civil Engineer)
LUDD (Makerspace / Fablab)
SpaceOp (Design Studio)

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